Call for Abstracts

Note: The information on this page has been posted before the postponement of the INORMS 2020. Any updates for INORMS 2021 will be posted later.

Abstract submission has been closed. Thank you for your submissions!

In the meantime, for Congress registration fees and other information, please visit the Registration Information page.

Key Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: Monday 23:59 Japan Standard Time (JST), September 16, 2019
  • Notification of Review Outcome: Monday, October 28, 2019
  • Deadline for Accepted Authors to Confirm Acceptance: Friday 23:59 JST, November 8, 2019
  • Deadline for Accepted Authors and Co-authors to Complete their Online Registration: Friday 17:30 JST, January 10, 2020


  • Each presentation must have one main presenter (the Presenting Author). The Presenting Author must submit the abstract and be the point of contact for that abstract. It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to communicate with the other Co-authors.
  • Panel Discussions must have at least two presenters (the Presenting Author and at least one Co-author).
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English and be approx. 150-200 words long (see the submission guidelines below for more details).
  • Presenters should allow sufficient time for Q&A within their session.
  • Presenters will be expected to cover the costs of their Congress registration (unless they have a complimentary registration offer), accommodation, and expenses. Please make sure that you and your Co-authors have approval from your institutions before you submit an abstract.

You do not need to register for the Congress before submitting an abstract. However, for accepted abstracts to be included in the program, Presenting Authors must confirm their acceptance of the offer by November 8, 2019. All authors must complete their online registration for the Congress by January 10, 2020. Please register for the Congress directly through the online registration site.

Presentation Types

Abstracts can be submitted for one of the following formats:

  • Interactive Session
  • Panel Discussion

At the review stage, the Program Committee may request that the presentation type is changed in order to create a balanced Congress program. For example, presenters may be asked to change their Interactive Session to a Panel Discussion OR their Panel Discussion to an Interactive Session. Further, some other presenters may be asked to change their Interactive Sessions/Panel Discussions to Poster Presentations. The Presenting Author will be informed of the decision of the Program Committee regarding any change to their submitted presentation type when they are notified of the review outcome. The decision of the Program Committee is final, and presenters will be given the chance to accept the change or decline to present.

A limited number of abstracts will be selected for short (10-min) Ignite Presentations in addition to their main presentation. Ignite Presentations are high-energy, informal presentations that introduce new ideas and stimulate discussion among delegates. Presenting Authors will be informed that their abstract has been selected for an Ignite Presentation when they are notified of the review outcome.

Interactive Session Format:

  • Interactive Sessions are spaces where delegates can learn from each other. The format should provide some introductory information on the topic, but the majority of the session should be dedicated to peer learning. For example, sessions might include group discussions, group exercises, table teams (turning interactive exercises into a competition within the session), campfire sessions (where a facilitator introduces a topic and drives the discussion, but the content is developed through discussion), or other approaches to peer learning.
  • Duration: 90 minutes, with the expectation that at least 50% of this is interactive.

Panel Discussion Format:

  • Panel Discussions are designed to provide different points of view on a particular topic. They should include up to four Presenters, each of whom should be given time to present their views. Time should also be available for delegates to discuss the issues in detail.
  • Submissions for Panel Discussions must include details of the full panel and the breadth of perspectives being explored. We will not be matching individuals to create panels.
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Submission Process

The abstract submission process for INORMS 2020 will be through an online submission portal
Those interested in presenting at INORMS 2020 are requested to create a new account and submit an abstract for review according to the guidelines below. Registration for the Congress is through a separate online registration site,, for which you will need to create a second new account. Please note that the online submission portal and the online registration site are not interlocked, and it is thus necessary to create new user accounts for both sites. Please keep a note of the email address and password used for both sites for future use. If you require any assistance or have queries about the online submission portal, contact the INORMS 2021 Abstract Desk.

Submission Process

*Conference Registration is ready anytime even before abstract submission.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow the following guidelines when preparing abstracts for submission to INORMS 2020. Abstracts that are not correctly formatted will not be reviewed.

How to use the online submission portal

The Presenting Author (the main contact person for the abstract) must first create a new account in the online submission portal. Please keep a record of the account details for future use.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can save your submission as a draft and return to edit it later. Submitted abstracts cannot be edited after the submission deadline.
On successful submission of the abstract, a confirmation email will be sent to the Presenting Author. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check that your abstract is fully submitted and not saved as a draft by logging in to the portal and checking the Abstract Submission Status page.
If you require any assistance regarding the submission of your abstract, contact the INORMS 2021 Abstract Desk.

How to submit an abstract

The online submission portal is a simple step-by-step process that requires you to input the following details:

  • Name and affiliation of the Presenting Author (this person will act as the main contact for this abstract and must be listed as the first author)
  • Names and affiliations of all Co-authors
  • Presenting Author's Bio (max. 800 characters (approx. 100 words))
  • Presentation type (Interactive Session, Panel Discussion)
  • Sub-theme (chosen from the list of sub-themes)
  • Title of the presentation (max. 130 characters (approx. 15 words))
  • Abstract (max. 1500 characters (approx. 200 words), excluding Title, Authors and Affiliations)
  • Keywords (up to 3 keywords that describe your presentation)
  • Answers to the following questions:
    1. What career level is your presentation aimed at: Early career, Mid-career, Senior, or Relevant to All?
    2. What is the relevance of your presentation to the international research management and administration community? (max. 1200 characters (approx. 150 words))
    3. Is your presentation: Overview, Detailed, Strategic, or Technical?
    4. Have you presented at an INORMS Congress before?

Notification of Review Outcome

Notification will be sent to Presenting Authors who submitted abstracts for Interactive Sessions and Panel Discussions on October 28, 2019.
Presenting Authors of accepted submissions must confirm their acceptance of the offer by Friday 23:59 JST, November 8, 2019 through the online submission portal. If the Presenting Author does not accept the offer by this date, the abstract will be withdrawn from the program. Further, the Presenting Author and all Co-authors of accepted submissions must complete their online registration for the Congress by Friday 17:30 JST, January 10, 2020.

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • The abstract submitted is in English and adheres to the submission guidelines outlined above.
  • This abstract has only been submitted once for INORMS 2020.
  • No copyright issues will be raised when the text of the abstract, along with the names and affiliations of the presenters, presentation slides, poster, and/or additional documents as requested, are published on the Congress website and/or in the book of abstracts.
  • The requested presentation type may be changed following review in order for it to be accepted and included in the program.
  • Presenters may be recorded for live streaming. A recording of the presentation and a copy of the slides may be published online after the Congress.
  • The Presenting Author is responsible for submitting the abstract. The Presenting Author is the main contact for this abstract, and it is their responsibility to communicate with the other Co-authors and ensure that they register for the Congress.
  • The Presenting Author and all Co-authors are available to present at the Congress on May 25-28, 2020.
  • Accepted abstracts may be withdrawn from the program if the Presenting Author does not confirm their acceptance of the offer by the date given above.
  • Accepted abstracts may be withdrawn from the program if the Presenting Author and all Co-authors do not register for the Congress by the date given above.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact the INORMS 2021 Abstract Desk.

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