Orizuru Notebook

It was a real disappointment that we could not welcome the delegates and sponsors in person here in Hiroshima, the originally planned host city of the 8th INORMS World Congress. We knew that nothing could replace face-to-face networking opportunities, but we did our best to ensure that the delegates’ and sponsors’ virtual participation in INORMS 2021 was a success. At the same time, we still wanted the delegates and sponsors to have something tangible and hoped that Orizuru Notebook, which is made from recycled paper cranes (Orizuru), would serve as a keepsake of our congress. Below is a story behind.

Situated in the middle of Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park is the Children’s Peace Monument. In memory of Sadako Sasaki, who died at the young age of 12 from leukemia caused by the atomic bomb, her classmates initiated what became a nationwide fundraiser and the monument was unveiled in 1958. Sadako was at home 1.7 km from the hypocenter on August 6, 1945 when the bomb exploded.
She was two years old. She grew up full of energy until one day in 1955 she was diagnosed with leukemia. As she fought for her life, she endlessly folded orizuru paper cranes believing that 1,000 of them would fly her illness away. Despite her efforts, she died on October 25, 1955.

Each year, the Children’s Monument receives 10 million orizuru cranes folded by people all over the world mourning the life of Sadako and praying for peace.

With love and gratitude from Hiroshima, where INORMS 2021 was scheduled to be held, we sent this notebook to all the delegates and sponsors as we prayed for peace and a speedy end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope that their participation in the virtual INORMS 2021 was enjoyable and fruitful!

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