Scheduled Live

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will be archived and made available on demand on the virtual platform for the rest of the Congress within a few days.


Tuesday on May 25, 2021 (JST)

9:00- Opening: Japanese drum performance by Higashi-Hiroshima Jiromarudaiko *recorded video
9:10- Opening Remarks: Mitsuo Ochi (President, Hiroshima University), Chair of the INORMS 2021 Organizing Committee *recorded video
Welcome Message from the organizer: Koetsu Yamazaki (President, Kanazawa University), Chair of RMAN-J *recorded video
Message from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT): Hiroki Matsuo (Senior Deputy Minister of MEXT) *recorded video
Message from the Chair of INORMS: Steph Bales (Director of Research and Innovation Services, Teesside University) *recorded video
9:30- Signing Ceremony of the Hiroshima Statement *recorded video
9:45- Plenary Session 1
Dr. Yuko Harayama (Executive Director, RIKEN; Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University) *recorded video/live
11:00- Break
11:15- Plenary Session 2
Mr. Tomohiko Adachi (Senior Principal Engineer, Integrated Control System Development Div., MAZDA Motor Corporation) *live
12:30 Close

Pre-recorded videos can be viewed on demand between May 24 and June 30, 2021(JST)

  • Oral Sessions including Plenary Sessions, Special Session, Sponsored Sessions, Invited Sessions, General Sessions, Ignite Presentations, and Poster Highlights
  • Poster Sessions can be viewed in PDF format

Closing Ceremony

Pre-recorded video is to be available at and after 5pm on Thursday, May 27, 2021(JST)

17:00- Message from Chair of INORMS: Steph Bales (Director of Research and Innovation Services, Teesside University)
17:05- Promotion of the INORMS 2023 by SARIMA
17:08- Celebration of the INORMS Awards for Excellence in Research Management Leadership 2021
17:22- Message from RMAN-J, including the closing remarks

Interactive Communication Tools

  • Meeting Hub and Discussion Forum (Chat systems) will be available on the virtual platform.

Virtual Exhibitors' booths

  • Exhibitors' brochures and videos will be available. Delegates can communicate with exhibitors via a text-based Meeting HUB, which includes live interactive hours specified by each exhibitor between May 24 and 27, 2021 (JST).

Oral Sessions

Special Session

Organized by the chairs of the INORMS Research Impact and Stakeholder Engagement (RISE) Working Group, Research Evaluation Working Group (REWG), and Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) Taskforce
Building research management across distance, time and cultures
Julie Bayley (Co-Chair, RISE/ University of Lincoln)*
David James Phipps (Co-Chair, RISE/ York University)
Simon Kerridge (Principal Investigator, RAAAP/ University of Kent)
Elizabeth Gadd (Chair, REWG/ Loughborough University)

Invited Sessions

Invited session 1

Research University Consortium, Japan
Development of International Collaboration by University Research Administrators
Amane Koizumi (National Institutes of Natural Sciences)*
Shinichi Yamamoto (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Taro Sonobe (Kyoto University)
Emi Uneyama (Okayama University)
Harold Kusters (Kyushu University)
Kazuki Takashima (Kumamoto University)
Theme: Global Collaboration

Invited session 2

Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management
Quantitative Analysis on Research Administration and University-Industry Cooperation
Koichi Sumikura (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) *
Masatsura Igami (National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP))
Makiko Takahashi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi (Hitotsubashi University)
Kazuma Edamura (Kanagawa University)
Keisuke Isogai (Chubu University)

General Sessions

Sub-theme 1: Global Collaboration

The New Roles of Research Management and Administration in a Changing World
John Westensee (Aarhus University) *
Ian Carter (Carter Research Navigation)
Michael Khor (Nanyang Technological University)

Our professional associations: How they develop within the INORMS network
Jan Andersen (University of Southern Denmark)*
Linsey Dickson (University of Stirling)
Juliana Juk (FAPESP)
Savita Ayyar (DBT/Wellcome TrustIndia Alliance)

<Ignite> The External Global Environment is Changing Strategic Planning for Research
Elliott Kulakowski (Research Administration and Management Strategy Group) *
Ian Carter (Carter Research Navigation)
Allen Muyaama Mukhwana (African Academy of Sciences)

Sub-theme 2: Partnerships and Innovation beyond Academia

Real partnerships: project management strategies for supporting engaged partnerships
Joann Cattlin (University of Melbourne) *
Wesley David Imms (University of Melbourne)
Bella Blaher (University of Melbourne)

Academics at the Science-Policy interface: Minding the Gap
Michael Angelo Baliwag Promentilla (De La Salle University) *
Dina Wintyas Saputri (ASEAN Foundation)
Fidero Kuok (Institute of Technology of Cambodia)
Glenn Banaguas (Ateneo de Manila University)

Universities 5.0: Education, Research, Collaboration, Industry Engagement and Entrepreneurship
Jacob E. Levin (Levin Global Group) *
Yasunori Kanaho (University of Tsukuba)
Caroline Benton (University of Tsukuba)

We’re not working fast enough: accelerating the implementation of research outcomes through openness and cooperation.
Osamu Kobayashi (Japan Science and Technology Agency)*
Marianne Berg (Norwegian Embassy)
Madhuri Dutta (George Institute for Global Health)
Simon Glasser (University of Bristol)
Michael Khor (Nanyang Technological University)
Eriko Kishida (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Takatso Semenya (Sol Plaatje University)
Yenny Meliana (Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI))
Fumitaka Wakamatsu (Kyoto University)

Sub-theme 3: Research Evaluation and Impact

Responsible Metrics and Multilingualism: A review of evolving Asian perspectives
Yu Sasaki (Kyoto University) *
Ryuma Shineha (Osaka University)
Anson Wun (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Eiríkur Smári Sigurðarson (University of Iceland)
Simon Kerridge (University of Kent)
Natsuko Inaishi (Kyoto University)
Tamaki Suzuki (Kyoto University)
Eriko Amano (Kyoto University)

Encouraging and rewarding (societal) impact through promotion and tenure practices
Esther De Smet (Ghent University) *
Leonie van Drooge (CWTS Leiden University)
Muriel E. Swijghuisen Reigersberg (Open University)

Changing the world of research evaluation: the work of the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group
Elizabeth Gadd (Loughborough University)*
Justin Shearer (University of Melbourne)
Aline Pacifico Rodrigues (Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein)
Laura Beaupre (University of Guelph)
Fang Zu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Xiaoxuan Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Lone Bredahl-Jensen (University of Southern Denmark)
Laura Himanen (Tampere University)
Baldvin Zarioh (University of Iceland)
Hirofumi Seike (Kyoto University)
Tanja Strom (Oslo Metropolitan University)
Baron Wolf (University of Kentucky)

<Ignite> Next Generation Research Administration: Impact of data and benchmarking
Mae C Moredo (University of California San Francisco)*
Jean Jones (University of California Santa Barbara)
Kazuaki Ota (Kyoto University)

Sub-theme 4: Professional Development of Researchers and Research Managers

Organizing and Managing Your Staff for Effectiveness and Efficiency
Dan Nordquist (Washington State University)
David Richardson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)*
Tadashi Sugihara (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)
Ara Tahmassian (Harvard University)

Research Development - A unique element of the research enterprise
Karen E Eck (Old Dominion University) *
Gretchen L Kiser (University of California San Francisco)
Jacob E Levin (Levin Global Group)

Grant support office capacity building: Experiences and lessons learnt
Daniela Amadio (King's College University) *
Stephanie Fogel (University of Vienna)
Eva Björndal (King's College London)

Developing institutional services using design thinking approach
Irina Filonova (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology) *
Asa Nakano (Kyoto University)

Research Administration as a Profession (INORMS RAAAP) Survey - Results and Discussion
Simon Kerridge (University of Kent)*
Jan Andersen (Technical University of Denmark)
Soile Haverinen (University of Turku)
Cindy Kiel (University of California Davis)
Jennifer Shambrook (University of Central Florida)
MakikoTakahashi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
Bryony Wakefield (University of Melbourne)

Resources for Developing STI Coordinators and for Promoting Multilateral and Trans - disciplinary Collaboration in Japan and ASEAN
Taro Sonobe (Kyoto University)*
Chisato Saito (Kyoto University)
Michele Chew (Science & Technology Division of the ASEAN Secretariat)
Mahmudi Yusb (ASEAN Foundation)

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