Visa Information

INORMS 2021 welcomes all international attendees!
Please note that citizens of certain countries are required to obtain a visa to enter Japan.

Some Tips for Applying for Your Visa

  • Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) Website for information on Short-Term Stay visa application procedures and check if you need to obtain a visa.
  • The required documents differ depending on the nationality of the applicant. We strongly recommend that applicants first contact the nearest embassy/ consulate general for more information.
  • Check your passport expiration date to make sure it will be valid for at least six more months from date of entry to Japan.
  • If you already have a visa, check the expiration date to make sure it will not expire before your trip is completed.
  • Plan your itinerary (flights & accommodation).

Requirements and Conditions for applying for visa for participation in INORMS 2021

  • Please note that one of the conditions for visa application is being an Author or Co-Author of Accepted Abstract.
  • Participants who wishes to apply with no Accepted Abstract can send their visa requests but there is a possibility that not all request will be granted depending on the organizer's decision.
  • Complete registration (make sure to input the number(s) of accepted abstracts to the correlated field) and payment for the INORMS 2021.
  • Make sure you checked the checkbox and proceeded the payment for Visa Documents (15,000 JPY per person).
  • Contact the INORMS 2021 Registration Desk at to request Visa Documents that need to be provided by the organizer.
  • It might take several weeks for your documents to be prepared and shipped so make sure to send your application timely by Friday, April 9 2021 (JST) (*visa is valid only within 3 months from receipt so the applications are scheduled to be taken under consideration starting from the end of February 2021)
  • Possible Visa Sponsorship duration is from May 23, 2021 to May 28, 2021. (those who wishes to apply for the dates outside of Conference period as well can send their requests but not all request can be granted depending on the organizer's decision)
  • Follow the instructions from INORMS 2021 Registration Desk, make sure to fill in the necessary questionnaires and provide copy of passport promptly.
  • After receiving the Visa Documents from Organizer, make sure to prepare all the other necessary documents in advance.
  • Apply for your visa at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate which is nearest to your residence as early as possible.

Visa Documents Provided by the Organizer

If you need a visa to enter Japan, we will provide the following documents for your visa application:

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Letter of Reason for Invitation
  • Schedule of Stay

Please note that we will charge JPY 15,000 for visa documents issuing fee. (*The visa documents issuing fee is non-refundable under any conditions and the receiving the visa documents does not guarantee receipt of the visa).
Visa Documents for the Accompanying person can be issued only in case when the Accompanying person is spouse or close relative of the participant.

How to request Visa Documents
  1. Application period: end of February 2021 - April 9, 2021 (JST) (all the requests sent after April 9 can be concerned but there is a risk of not being able to receive the documents and apply for the visa on time)
  2. Please complete registration and payment for the INORMS 2021 first. (If not registered, please refer to Registration Information)
  3. Please contact the INORMS 2021 Registration Desk ( to request Visa Documents.
  4. Visa Documents will be sent to you by postal mail after March 2021. (documents expire after three months)
  • We only assist INORMS 2021 participants in providing visa documents.
  • If you need a Letter of Invitation to apply for permission from your organization to attend the congress, please contact:
  • Not all requests for Visa Documents and Letter of Invitation can be granted depending on the decision of the organizer.

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